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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Firefox 4 gesture multitouch support

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I've just upgraded my Mac from FF3.6 to FF4 and found the gestures I'd set-up using MultiClutch were broken. I was quite annoyed to be honest but I quite quickly found a solution.

I had Swipe Up mapped to create New Tab and Swipe Down mapped to Close Tab.

If you find your self with the same problem here is what to do.

Type the following address in to the address bar

You'll get a warning but just click the button.

Now you need to find the gesture settings in the config in the filter box type gesture. You'll now see a list of the gestures that are available in FireFox. I wanted to edit browser.gesture.swipe.down (Scroll to bottom) and browser.gesture.swipe.up (Scroll to top)

The commands I changed them to are browser.gesture.swipe.down = cmd_close and browser.gesture.swipe.up = cmd_newNavigatorTab

Hope this helps you out if you need to make any changes.