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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Firefox 4 gesture multitouch support

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I've just upgraded my Mac from FF3.6 to FF4 and found the gestures I'd set-up using MultiClutch were broken. I was quite annoyed to be honest but I quite quickly found a solution.

I had Swipe Up mapped to create New Tab and Swipe Down mapped to Close Tab.

If you find your self with the same problem here is what to do.

Type the following address in to the address bar

You'll get a warning but just click the button.

Now you need to find the gesture settings in the config in the filter box type gesture. You'll now see a list of the gestures that are available in FireFox. I wanted to edit browser.gesture.swipe.down (Scroll to bottom) and browser.gesture.swipe.up (Scroll to top)

The commands I changed them to are browser.gesture.swipe.down = cmd_close and browser.gesture.swipe.up = cmd_newNavigatorTab

Hope this helps you out if you need to make any changes.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Anotomy of a twitter experiment

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This weekend I spent quite a bit of time reading. I found some new RSS feeds and like the good little reader I started flicking through them picking out stuff I found interesting. Gradually as I did I began to think some of this stuff would be interesting to my twitter followers so I started to line up tweets for posting and started releasing them about 4 or 5 and hour.

I set this up to run for a couple of hours and then once they had completed I read some more and set-up some more tweets to send out.

To be honest it really just started as a test of TweetDecks Scheduled tweet function. I'd never used it before and wanted to see how it worked but after a little while I wanted to test a couple of things out.

1. How many clicks could I generate through to things I posted?
2. How many followers would follow my tweets and what would the quality be like?
3. How many posts could I make in 2 days?
4. Would people RT and Fav the tweets I sent out?

Sorry no snazzy infographics here just numbers but I hope you find the numbers alone interesting.

1. Clicks. I use Pro and have my own domain set-up so this was reasonably easy to check.
  • Saturday 99 Clicks
  • Sunday 176 Clicks
  • Monday 92 Clicks
  • Total: 367
2.a. Followers. I used TwitterCounter for these details
  • Friday 390
  • Saturday 397: +7
  • Sunday 401: +4
  • Monday 407: +6
  • Total Growth: +17
2.b. Quality. This is a difficult one I've guessed at the quality of the followers by checking their profiles.
  • 8 seem to be Human / Companies I mentioned
  • 9 bots / hash tag followers
47% of followers I would class a quality. This was a little less than I had previously hoped but I would say not a bad number and I'm sure as you post more interesting things in more specific areas this number would grow after the initial bot on slaught.

3. How many Tweets. I've excluded some all the non link out tweets.
  • Total: 56
4. RT and Fave. I used FavStar for this
  • Fave: 17
  • RT: 10
So I would say all in all I think it went very well. I got more followers in a short space of time that i have ever before. I got more Fav posts than ever before and more RTs in such a short space of time than ever before.

I tweet more than most but no where near as often as some people and to be honest just the shear number of articles I read over the weekend took it out of me let alone trying to write something interesting about all the links I was posting.

As I discussed on twitter earlier today I think more focused and much less is the way forward but it was interesting to see how it went for a short space of time.

Can you annoy people and loose followers? Yes! Again earlier today and after all the tweets had been sent I asked what people thought of my experiment. Here are some of the responses.

Me: I spent the weekend posting a loads of links to stuff I found interesting. Did everyone enjoy/find it interesting or should I stop?

: It was interesting but overwhelming and very wide-ranging. I would have to unfollow you if you keep up that rate

: +1

: agree with . Was interesting, but a little too much at once. Find a focus, and just plan to tweet less but regular.

: stop. You came across like a spam bot. Although you gain some followers are they quality ones. Nice experiment though.

So there we have it. Don't piss off people you like. Don't Tweet like a spam bot. Keep your tweets in context or at least focused.

Last but not least
It seems the most interesting post I made was about user testing. I guess everyone else has the same problem with this one.

: Great list of UX Testing tools #usability #usertesting #cardsorting 

8 x Fav
6 x RT
59 Clicks 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

ubuntu & SABnzbd auto start on reboot

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I've recently set-up a new media server at home for distributing videos and music to my PS3, Xbox, iPhone and iPad.

I had been running a Windows Home Server but the hardware became flaky so I decided to start a fresh with a new clean disk.

I used the fantastic mythbuntu distro which installs a full version of ubuntu with mythtv already installed and configured. If you want to see what mythtv is like without installing you can do this very simply by putting the disk in and running it as a Live disk instead of installing. You can pretty much do what ever you want to do with the live disk you just can't save anything.

OK so enough about that I'm sure you can work it out if you want it's not rocket science you just click the install button. It does what it says on the tin.

So after mythbuntu was installed I wanted to get my news group reader setup so I could manage downloads on the server. If you've not head about SABnzbd you're missing a trick. No more distributed news readers across multiple machines SABnzbd is a one stop shop. Download, post processing and organization are all built in.

So how to install SABnzbd:
Open up a terminal windows a type.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sabnzbdplus

And there you go SABnzbd+ is now installed. To start your server:


The problem I came across was that every time I restarted the server or closed the terminal window the server stopped. What I had not read was the small print after installation.
If you want the program to be started as a service (i.e., in the background on system boot)...

So for those of you who like me want the service to start every time you machine starts follow these instructions:

Edit /etc/default/sabnzbdplus

sudo nano /etc/default/sabnzbdplus

USER= to USER=yourusername
PORT= to PORT=8080

Once this is all complete save the file "ctrl o" then "ctrl x"

Now start the server again using:

/etc/init.d/sabnzbdplus start

Stop using:

/etc/init.d/sabnzbdplus stop

For more information check out the unofficial ubuntu page on the SABnzbd site.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

iPad Google Bookmarks and share bookmarks for safari

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Having searched for ways to add google bookmarks shortcuts to my iPad safari browser before and come up with nothing this time I searched I found the best bookmark list to end them all.

Labnol have composed a list of iPad bookmarklets for the major services you'll want to add to Safari.

Check it out at

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Kodu Game Programming for kids

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I was reading a blog this morning from a Scottish developer and start up expert Kate Ho. [Twitter]

The article named Great tools for teaching programming covered a video for CES 2009 on Kodu.

I've not seen anything quite a amazing as an introduction to programming for kids. The premise is you create a 3D world populate it with characters and apply functions to items in your world. It looks very much like little big planet but you can do this on Windows in School labs rather than on a PS3.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mobile iPhone & iPad view source

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I'm on the move today but was wanting to view some source of an XML service I've got. I don't currently have a mifi or 3G thing for my laptop so wanted something simple to enable me to view source on my phone.

Here is what I found

Fantastic idea as is displays information about your page as well as source. I've not tested it on android or windows phone 7 but it's possible it'll work on these too.