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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Kinect, object recognition and Emgu (+openCV)

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I've been posting a few things about kinect reciently and doing some experiments with webcams and object recognition. I just thought i'd post a few links to some of the things I've found.

But first off some more cool kinect stuff.

Kinect Skeleton Test
Kinect Mashup

So i was looking at how you do object recognition and thankfully there are some very cool open source or free libraries out there that help.

OpenCV is a computer vision library with over 500 algorythems for managing computer vision.

I code in C# so I needed a library to help working with OpenCV. I found a couple of EMGU turned out to be the most straightforward to work with.

I'f you'd like to train your system to recognise faces or what ever then you'll need some help there too. Haartraining is what your looking for, although I've not got this working yet!

Please post a comment if you have any suggestions on the Haartraining stuff. I'd like to get this working.


JoeJag said...

Hey Jon,

Did you see the Ars review of Kinect? People are asking me if it's worth getting for xmas.


Webmonger said...

I've skimmed the article and I would say it's pretty accurate. The hardware is good and reliable and quite easy to setup.

The games (at the moment) are basic but without doubt fun to play and as he says you defiantly get a work out.

I can only see the games and recognition getting better so I would say it's a worthwhile investment. I’ve only got adventures at the moment and that’s kinda basic but we’re intending to get Dance Central I hear that’s good.

The Linux, Windows and OS X drivers are all available and quite easy to consume so if you fancy some multi touch fun then that should be no problem.

Long term if they get some good titles with some different types of game play i can totally see it being a massive hit. Much greater than the 2.5 Mill units they have sold so far.


Jonathan Goyvaerts said...

Could you provide a code example of realtime kinect streaming with emgu enabled? I'm using the CLNui sdk but I can't get the emgu working with it properly (emgu itself is working fine).

I feel like I'm missing something simple, a conversion or something else...