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Thursday, 25 February 2010

SocialFront for Umbraco Launch!

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Wow, we made it.

After 3 3.5 4 days of development and a few hours here and there we've finally made it the launch of our first release of SocialFront.

Personally I'd like to thank David for all his help. Those of you that have been following the project will know I've been working with David over the last few month to make this happen and without him it would not have been possible or as quick! Ross for working on the styles (Not quite finished!).

I'd also like to thank the the Umbraco community who are one of the friendliest I've come in contact with. These fantastically positive people and their blogs which I've been using over and over have been a constant inspiration on what we've done in SocialFront.

Big thanks go to Screenmedia for allowing us to camp out in the meeting room on Saturdays while developing SocialFront.

Finally my wife for putting up with me ;-)

Where do I get SocialFront?

SocialFront website
SocialFront on Google Code
SocialFront on
SocialFront feedback, suggestions and bugs