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Sunday, 21 February 2010

SocialFront for Umbraco Day 3 - The PM!

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So after a great lunch at our favourite local pub Chinaski's we put the issues we had in the morning behind us and started to hack our way around packaging issues and how to install SocialFront on Umbraco.


Jon started to look at the possibilities of editing the umbraco core so we could fix the issues with exporting document types but as we did not know the Umbraco code base too well decided after about half an hour that it would probably be best just to manually edit the package.xml

This took a little time but was not too much of a hassell so by about 16:00 we had a package that we had tested on a couple of Umbraco installations.

During this time David was making good progress on coding the install mechanism so once the package contents were installed the user would be able to just click a button and they would have a ready built community setup.


David was continuing to work on the code to do the install so I started to work on exactly how we were going to edit the web.config to add all the SocialFront providers that are required.

I found a post on StackOverflow that seemed to do what I was need but found it a little hard to follow then I found an article on MSDN that was exactly what I needed.

I had to extend the number of properties in SocialFrontProviderConfiguration for me to be able to populate the web.config properly but then all I needed to do open up the web.config programmatically then add the SocialFront provider sections:

Configuration config = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration("~");
SocialFrontProviderConfiguration configuration = new SocialFrontProviderConfiguration();
configuration.Name = "name";
configuration.Default = "Umbraco";
configuration.Providers.Add(new ProviderSettings("name", "type"));
config.Sections.Add(configuration.Name, configuration);

As we were using xml for the setup of the site structure I figured that I would also setup the provider definitions using the same technique. So I created an xml config file to enumerate through that meant we could add any providers we needed at runtime when SocialFront was installed on a site.


Unfortunatley we were unable to get our package created by the end of the day. We're not far away from having it ready so we've decided that we're going to meet again this week and finish the installer and get the package release before the end of the week.

So after a hard day of planning and coding we made our way to the pub for a quick pint and to reflect on the day.

SocialFront Testers

As with any project SocialFront needs testing and we're looking for some people to give us some feedback on what we've done and make suggestions on how to make it better. If you have any time you can give us to install our new package then we'd love to hear from you. Please email me and I'll email you as soon as the package has been released.

We've also setup a uservoice site for SocialFront feedback, suggestions and bugs if you could put any ideas you have there we'll review suggestions and get to work ;-)


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