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Saturday, 15 August 2009

SocialFront planning

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So while I've been quite quiet on the blog front for a week or so I've joined the disposable memory project as an administrator not just a camera dropper but in addition to that I've been doing some more planning and some additional learning.

I wrote my first ever tests in .net. That was interesting as I've only got visual studio standard and it does not come with built in testing support so I read about and found that works great in vs. In addition to that I was reading about mocking objects so I checked rhino mock. This seemed quite simple to build testable objects so I don't need to hook the db and everything together to test.

So in addition to planning testing I've also been looking at what the namespace requirements are going to be for the system. I have some additional Reading I ned to do on the new microsoft mef framework. It's only in ctp at the moment but visual studio 2010 includes it as the plugin framework behind the text editor so it sounds like it's quite a good plugin framework.

Also this month I've been to the in Glasgow. Swan McIntosh was talking about 4ip and some of the projects that are working on. In addition to that I went to the scot meet. It was very interesting the guys were talking about dsl somthing far more technical than I'm in to that the moment but still very interesting. Afterwards I went for a drink with joejag and craig nicol and chatted about frameworks and other tech bits and bobs.

Next month I'll be at techmeetup again in Glasgow for the talks on ms surface and there is also a coding dojo being setup through tech meetup and scot

I'll try and get some more work done on socialfront this month and get some code online.

This post was written on my iPhone while in a traffic jam (not driving!) appologies for the typos!