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Saturday, 11 July 2009

SocialFront our reading list

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In the process of working on SocialFront the project team have been doing quite a bit of reading. Now as I suggested before I'm not the greatest programmer in the world and want to learn in the process of building this application. I've also been chatting with a very good friend of mine and SocialFront team member David Conlisk, we've been trading links back and forth via email about stuff we're reading and what the best practice rules we will use when developing this system.

So far the outcome of our research looks kind of like this it's a some what disorganized list or resources and blogs.

On the recommendation of Brian and Ben from Google we've started to create a prototype system working with kickapps as a datasource/host. We really want to get the idea out so we can get some feed back from the community and find out if there are others that are able to help but also how useful people find the system.

At the moment I'm working on a project that involves the kickapps platform so I'm trying make that easier for me and my team but also allow others to use and learn from our code.

Towards the end of the week month I'm going to try an get some very early prototype code up on our google code site. As with most projects in it's early stages there will be very little documentation but please feel free to leave a comment on the blog or email me and I'll do what i can to help you out.

Update: Sorry i've not had as much time as I thought I would have this month. I still intend to get some code online but I'll not be able to do it before the end of the month. Also i'm going to Scot Alt.Net Meeting on Thursday 6th. I'm hoping to have another chat with Craig Nicol to chat about making the development easier by using TDD and some code testing platform like TeamCity.

I'll write a blog post about my intentions once I've chosen what to do.